Gas Shortage 2022

Gas Shortage Energy Crises inside Pakistan 2022

Irrespective of the fact that Pakistan has some of the best natural resources. The region is ranked at 29th number across the world for its rich resources of natural gas found mostly in Sui Baluchistan. let’s find out the reason for the Gas Shortage.

A mind Bowling, 19 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas, is found inside Pakistan. Still, a country with such natural resources cannot fulfill the residential and commercial energy demands. Is there mismanagement, lack of resources and technology, or do we need to review policies related to all the state departments?

Major Cities of Pakistan Facing gas Shortage in 2022

Gas Load shedding inside the major cities of Pakistan, 2022 rings the bell for the related authorities and several other responsible authorities. No proper planning for fulfilling the energy demands led to the gas shortage for all the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Pakistan’s compromise of extreme temperature and more dry seasons in winter cause the consumers to utilize a high volume of natural gas.

The average demand is 6700 mmcd to 7000, reaching 8000 mmcd in the winter due to the high rise in demand. The authorities have denied an entire potential supply to the residential sector inside Pakistan as the more “dedicated Supply” towards fertilizers, and another sector is under consideration. The total capacity for this season stands at 4300 mmcd in total, pressuring several sectors of the country. While the harsh temperature is tempting many families to go for other available resources.

A Solution for winter Season in Pakistan 2022

Political parties and the public held some of the biggest rallies against the gas load shedding. Still, there have not been any fruitful results obtained.

While investors are knee on having more channels and other refineries deployed on the natural resources hotspots. There is a need to have a proper plan for the next season. the region’s generating and consumption capacity should be well analyzed.

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