The Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan for June 2022

Pakistan Increase Petrol Price for June 2022

Petroleum costs in a specific by a number of factors. The price of crude oil (the herbal supply of all petroleum by-products), refining, distribution and advertising costs, profits, and gasoline taxes are a number of the noteworthy factors.

Depending at the monetary capacities in their respective economies, governments, specifically in growing nations like ours, additionally subsidize gasoline costs to ease up the monetary burden on the overall public.

In Pakistan, the federal authorities present tens of thousands and thousands of rupees as subsidies to preserve gasoline costs and offer alleviation to the common man. However, the us of a nevertheless lacks a regular coverage for the availability of gasoline subsidies.

Asian nations like China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia have right subsidy equipment and control systems. Some of those nations even consist of gasoline subsidies of their annual monetary budgets, which our us of a have to additionally do.

Petrol Prices in Pakistan

At Poha Talks, you check the Pakistan Petroleum fees nowadays in rupees because it continuously changing. The contemporary Super petrol charge in Pakistan is Rs159.86 per liter. Pakistan High-Speed Diesel charge is Rs154.15 per liter, and Light Speed Diesel charge in Pakistan is Rs123.ninety-seven per liter. Kerosene oil charge in Pakistan is Rs126.fifty-six consistent with liter

Effective From June 03, 2022

E10 Gasoline236.46Increased by PKR 30
Premier Euro 5209.86Increased by PKR 30
Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5204.15Increased by PKR 30
LDO178.31Increased by PKR 26.38

Effective from June 01,2022

Product NameRs./Liter
E10 Gasoline236.46
Premier Euro 5179.86
Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5174.15

Effective From May 27, 2022

Product NameRs./Liter
E10 Gasoline213.23
Premier Euro 5179.86
Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5174.15

Dates wise Super Petroleum rates increase

June 03,2022209.86
June 01,2022179.86
May 27,2022179.86
May 16,2022149.86
May 01,2022149.86
April 16,2022149.86
Comparative Report of increase of Super Petrol Price rate in Pakistan
Comparative Report

Crued Oil and Petroleum notification June 2-2022

Prices of petrol, High Speed Diesel and Light Diesel Oil increased by Rs 30 per litre from June 3, 2022. Price of Kerosene increased by Rs 26.38 from June 3, 2022.

CNG Prices In Pakistan

CNG (Compressed natural gas) prices in Pakistan are divided in two regions, Region-I price is Rs. 128 /Kg and Region-II price is Rs. 184 /Kg.

Alternative fuels are becoming increasingly appealing to car fleet managers and customers as gasoline costs rise. Alternative fuel prices, like gasoline, fluctuate depending on location, time of year, and political situation.

Region Wise rates

RegionProvinceCNG per KG rate
Region-I(Islamabad, Rawalpindi, KPK-Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Potohar regions, Balochistan and Gujjar Khan)Rs. 145 / Kg
Region-II(Punjab and Sindh Province, excluding Potohar region)Rs. 195 / Kg

Region wise price detail

Fuel TypePriceKGDate Updated
CNG Region 1145Rs./Kg6/3/2022
CNG Region 2145Rs./Kg6/3/2022
CNG Region 1145Rs./Kg6/1/2022
CNG Region 2145Rs./Kg6/1/2022
CNG Region 1139Rs./Kg5/27/2022
CNG Region 2139Rs./Kg5/27/2022
CNG Region 1139Rs./Kg5/18/2022
CNG Region 2139Rs./Kg5/18/2022
CNG Region 1139Rs./Kg2/16/2022
CNG Region 2139Rs./Kg2/16/2022
CNG Region 1139Rs./Kg1/1/2022
CNG Region 2139Rs./Kg1/1/2022
CNG Region 1139Rs./Kg12/27/2021
CNG Region 2139Rs./Kg12/27/2021
CNG Region 1128Rs./Kg12/27/2021
CNG Region 2128Rs./Kg12/27/2021

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Note: The above information was collected from the SSGC and SNGPL official websites.

What will petrol cost in 2022?

The price of petrol in Pakistan stands at Rs 209.86 per litre while that of Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5 is at Rs 204.15.

What was the highest price of petrol in Pakistan?

Gasoline Prices in Pakistan averaged 236.46 PKR/Liter in june 2022 and Petrol price is 209.86

How much is petrol per liter in Pakistan?

The petrol price in the pakistan 15-Mar-2022 was Rs149, and now latest Petrol price is 209.86

Petrol price in pakistan today 7 june 2022

 Price of Petrol, High-Speed Diesel (HSD), and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) has been increased by Rs. 30 per litre, effect from mid-night 3 June 2022

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